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Discussion Guidelines

Posting content that includes phrases such as "Admin Please Approve," "Please Approve (Text in the Post) Picture," or "Picture for Attraction," as well as any irrelevant topics resembling or connected to piracy, is strictly forbidden.

Post content with proper credit to the original creator in accordance with Intellectual Property Guidelines. Refrain from utilizing pictures or images from other creators in both general and sales posts without obtaining their explicit consent.

Posts that potentially violate the guidelines will be subject to deletion by Administrators or Moderators.

Off-topic posts that are unrelated to gaming should be accompanied by the #OT hashtag.

Language Policy

Members can only use English or Urdu for communication.

Profanity Policy

No profanity allowed; disrespect will lead to a ban.

Giveaway Policy

Get Admin's approval first; publish winner on live feed.

Ban Policy

Blocking Admins/Mods may lead to permanent ban.

Content Creation Guidelines

To promote your material within the community, active involvement is a prerequisite. Selection is based on your contributions and monthly engagement in the community. If you meet the criteria, you may create one promotional post weekly with a link in the description.
Note: Failure to remain active and incessant self-promotion will result in a ban. While promoting your content is permitted, requesting subscribers in an overt manner is not allowed.

Buy & Sell Guidelines

When creating a sales post, it's essential to provide ownership documentation that prominently displays your name and the present date. This documentation can be presented on a piece of paper or exhibited on a computer screen. Additionally, the item intended for sale must be visibly captured within the frame, serving as conclusive evidence of ownership.

Note: Addresses, Credit/Debit Card, CNIC, Invoice, Phone Number or anything which may include any personal information in the post will be declined without any feedback due to Facebook Community Standard Policy.

Promotion Policy

Unauthorized promotions are prohibited.

Counterfeit Policy

Sale of Counterfeit and Master Copy products is prohibited.

Digital Trade Policy

Game codes and gifts only; no trading of digital assets.

Pricing Policy

List products at market prices; no outrageous prices.

Authenticity Policy

Real profiles required to deal or interact within the community.

Sharing Policy

Sharing posts from Facebook Pages is prohibited.​

Link Sharing Policy

Website links related to sale or referral are prohibited.

Ownership Policy

To trade, provide a proof of ownership with date and name.

Sale Post Approval Policy

Sale posts are permitted throughout the week, limited for community members selling their personal items (only). Online sellers and shop keepers sale/trade (via post & comment) is allowed for Premium Sellers and Partner Stores.

Note: Terms and Conditions Apply.

Sale Policy

To trade within the community as a seller, you must apply for the Premium Seller or PPG Partnership Program.

Strike Policy

Reporting a seller results in an investigation. If found guilty, the vendor receives a strike. Two strikes result in group expulsion.

Pre-Order Policy

As of 10th June 2022, pre-orders are no longer allowed in the community.

Support Policy

For more assistance you can contact us on Discord and Facebook.


Prospective members are required to acknowledge and adhere to the comprehensive set of community regulations prior to joining the group. In the event of any breach, the management retains full authority to implement measures including muting, expulsion, or prohibition.

Any manifestation of mistreatment directed at fellow members or the management will be met with zero tolerance. It is imperative to recognize that membership within the group is bestowed as a privilege, not an entitlement.

PPG operates as a discourse-centric PC center platform that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is important to note that the perspectives conveyed on the platform do not necessarily align with those held by individual participants or the management.

PPG does not function as a middleman in any transactions. We are dedicated to providing information and facilitating communication, but we do not intervene or mediate in direct transactions between parties.

In the event that any deal is initiated with a Premium Seller or Partner Store in the absence of PPG's direct involvement (e.g., through the group, page or special offers), the decision to intervene in the resolution of disputes will be at the sole discretion of Admiration. Please be aware that PPG is not obligated to intervene; rather, any intervention is an act of goodwill.

Under no circumstances shall PPG assume responsibility for any transactions taking place amongst members, Premium Sellers or Partner Stores. It is crucial to acknowledge that PPG does not offer intermediary services in any capacity.