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Buy & Sell Guidelines

Sale & Purchase Rules


Sale posts are only now permitted on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

Buy & Sell Policy


Regular community members (who sell or update their own PC Parts) are not needed to be in the PPG – Verified Sellers List; this guideline only applies to those involved in commercial operations.

  • Prior to joining the PPG Community Group, a series of Community Rules are presented to you. If you proceed to join the group, you thereby agree to all of the aforementioned rules.
  • In a scenario where any Community Rule is broken, the managements can Mute, Kick or Ban the violator.
  • Hate speech or defamation hurled at PPG will not be tolerated. As this is a private and closed group, membership is a privilege; not a right.
  • PPG is an inclusive and supportive platform for all individuals irrespective of their gender/race/religion and/or the games they indulge upon.
  • PPG is open, understanding and supportive of any individuals irrespective of their gender and/or the games they play.
  • In no event will PPG, or it’s Administrators and Moderators will be responsible or liable for any trade that occurs between anyone, The primary objective of the PPG – Verified Sellers List is to highlight those stellar sellers within the community who have been conducting their business with zeal and remarkable honesty. This puts a spotlight on those who tirelessly work towards providing customer satisfaction; thus, we encourage the community to only deal with these tried and tested sellers.
  • One of the requirement to join the PPG – Verified Sellers List is to provide personal information and identification and in the case of a scam or illicit deal, those details can be provided to the buyer if the seller does not corporate.
  • PPG Administrators/Moderators do not provide Middle-Man or any other related services.

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