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Graphics Driver Crashed Issue in Valorant

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So if any of you is having this  Graphics Driver crashed issue; "Graphics Driver Crashed, Please update your graphics drivers" in Valorant then follow these steps one by one:
1) Upgrade your Drivers to latest version (Optional ones too)
2) Boot into safe mode, Use DDU and Clean Uninstall all gpu drivers and restart. Now install old drivers and test them in the game
3) If old drivers don't work repeat point 2 but with different driver versions (for e.g if you tried last months drivers then try 5-6 months old drivers or 1-2 year old ones)
4) Change your display cable
5) Use a converter (e.g HDMI to Dvi or VGA to DVI)
6) Repeat steps 1 till 5 but this time after installing drivers, patch them.

How to Patch Drivers: Download ATI Patcher from internet and patch your drivers.
7) Turn off Auto Update drivers and Check for Updates options from GPU Software and Select Recommended Only in Preferred Software Version option
8) Change your gpu's BIOS to any other variant's bios (Do Not mess with the BIOS unless you know what you are doing and can fix if anything goes sideways, Better to get it done from a technician) **Not Recommended at all**
9) Reinstall Valorant
10) Try installing the game on a different storage drive/device
11) Use a Display card or any low tier card and test if Valorant is working or not
13) The GPU software should show "Up to Date" status in drivers section. Mess around with the settings a bit and find this option
14) Undervolt your gpu
15) Test your GPU in another system/pc
16) Try changing RAMs or running the game on a single stick
17) Check even if your pc meets the standard requirements for Valorant lol
18) Get your GPU checked with a technician/repairer


If none of the steps worked, then claim the warranty of your gpu or return it to the vendor. 

Hope this post helps you figure out the problem and fix it eventually 🙂 

Comment down your suggestions, I'll be happy to read em


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