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[Sticky] PPG Marketplace Rules Update

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Zeeshan Ali Khan
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It has come to our attention that there have been instances of sellers, operating on behalf of shopkeepers who have been banned, continuing to trade within the group. As a result, we have implemented strict measures to ensure that such activities are immediately stopped.

Effective immediately, any seller found to be working for or on behalf of a banned shopkeeper will be restricted from trading within the group. This measure has been put in place to ensure that the integrity of our community is maintained, and to prevent any potential harm or fraud that may arise from such activities.

Furthermore, to prevent the spread of spam and to ensure that our community members receive relevant and authentic information, sellers are prohibited from sharing links or tagging their page in any way. Instead, sellers are required to provide a quotation in the comment section. This measure will not only prevent the spread of spam but also help ensure that our community members receive relevant and authentic information.

In addition, the commonly used phrase "check your inbox for a quotation" has been deemed an unacceptable practice and will no longer be allowed. We are committed to ensuring that our community members have a positive and authentic experience while using our platform, and this measure is just one of the many steps we are taking to achieve that.

PPG Community Rules: https://pakistanipcgamers.com/community-rules/

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