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Mobo giving display on one Ram Stick only

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I bought an H61 mobo from Ppg 3 months ago
I had 4 sticks of ram (2x2g + 2x4g) on my old mobo (H67). The new mobo had only 2 slots so i used 2x4gb sticks. All of em were working fine in my old mobo.
Only the left slot of the H61 was working whereas putting the ram in right slot or by using both slots the pc didnt give up display (but everything was on).
I tried swapping out ram sticks and all were working on the left slot but the same ones didnt give any display on the right slot.
I contacted the seller to claim the warranty. Next day ship kerwani thi mobo pack kerke toh aik din pehle dono slots chalne lagey khud hi (no idea how).
The refund was obv wasnt made then.
Fast forward to today; I bought 2x8gb sticks and the same issue occured again
The left slot is working fine whereas using the same rams on right slot or both slots, the pc turns on but doesn't give display neither does the keyboard or mouse turn on. Its out of warranty now and I cant get a replacement although the same issue happened the day when i bought it but idk how it was fixed automatically.
What should I do?
I cant claim the refund/replacement cuz obv its out of warranty neither can i get new rams as the current ones are working fine in the other slot.
Is the slot damaged or the rams are the issue?
Im using the pc on one ram stick only
The cpu pins are all okay, none of em are bent or damaged and it is seated perfectly 
Neither the ram slots have any burnmarks.
Raheem Shahjahan Raheem Shahjahan 26/01/2023 10:52 pm


Try to clean the processor with eraser, carbon occurs sometimes.

Haseeb Iftikhar Haseeb Iftikhar 12/02/2023 5:58 pm

@mrkumli yours mobo ram slot is short get it check by mobo repairer asap

Kumail Rizvi Kumail Rizvi Topic starter 13/02/2023 10:05 pm

I did. 
Every repairer said this issue cant be fixed.
Sold it for 500 as scrap unfortunately


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