PPG - Community Rules

Rule No. 1 (A)

Posting about Piracy, Movies, Songs, Quotes, Pages, Groups, Fanboysim, Internet Speed/Rate, Mobiles/Desktop Screenshots, Picture for Attraction, Self-Promotion and any Promotional Stuff is strictly prohibited.

Rule No. 1 (B)

No Advertisement is allowed without approval of the Administrators (This Includes Articles,Pages & Groups) – If you want to promote any thing such as your Business & Articles or any other stuff (Must be related to Gaming), Kindly contact the Administrators for the Terms and Conditions.

Rule No. 1 (C)

If you're a YouTuber, Streamer, Influencer, Page-Owner etc. and you want to promote your content in the community, you must be an active members of the comminuty. The activeness of a member will be determined by their contribution and activity in the comminuty. If you are not an active members of the comminuty and are here just for self-promotion your posts will be removed and if you continue to spam further actions will be taken. Another thing, if you are an active member of the community, you will only be allowed 2 Self-Promotion post per week. Promote your content, do not openly ask for subscribers.

Rule No. 2

Use of Abusive/Vulgar Language in the community is strictly restricted, Respect Everyone.
Any kind of disrespect toward the comminuty or it's members will be taken very seriously and the violator of the community rules will be dealt accordingly.

Rule No. 3

English and Urdu are the official languages allowed in the community.

Rule No. 4

Use #OT in order to make an Off-Topic Post, Use #OT only if you need any kind of help or suggestions.

Rule No. 5

In order to hold any Giveaway in the community you must have to get permission from the management and results should be announced on a live stream to keep the transparency.

Rule No. 6

Blocking the Administrators/Moderators or any type of hate toward them is strictly prohibited.

PPG - Community Rules (Buy & Sell)

Rule No. 7 (A)

Use “Sell Something” button if you are selling goods, Use “Start Discussion” button for normal posts & “Create a Poll” for starting a poll. Enter a valid price while using “Sell Something” Button and if you are looking for offers for your stuff enter “Ask For Price” or “Contact Seller” in the pricing section, If your sales post says e.g. “FREE” or “Any Invalid Price” it will not be accepted.

Rule No. 7 (B)

While selling any PC Parts make sure add add the proof of ownership (Owner's name written on a piece of paper alongside with the product and current date).

Rule No. 7 (C)

Sale of any digital items other than Game Codes/Gifts is not allowed, Sale and Purchase of Steam, Origin, UPlay, Fortnite, Netflix or similar accounts is prohibited.

Policy of B&S

In case of reports or complains about a Community Seller's Trade/Deal an investigation will be launched by the Administrators/Moderators and if the Seller is found breaking the Community Standards a total of 2 Warnings will be given before the Seller is Restricted/Blacklisted from making further deals in the Community.